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Master Plan

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  1. Rob Millberry says:

    I have been using the excellent Westside Park for many months. I walk with crutches or trek poles after a drunk driver used me for target practice (I awoke 3 months later). The Park is kept well cleaned and most users are responsible. However some of the new BMX users are quite inconsiderate, using the walking trail as an additional race track and literally camping out on the trail. Last Tuesday I had to pick my way through a chair, bags, bike and picnic gear all laid out on the SE corner while the riders used the track. It is difficult for me to get off the pavement or avoid things placed on the track. To whom should I address my concerns?
    Rob Millberry

    • speciald says:

      We’re sorry for this. We start today with constructing a fence around the south end of the pump track. It will run a distance around the curve along the east side of the track. I hope this will help. The fence should be completed later this month. Our caretakers will try to monitor the behavior you are talking about as well.

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