Committee Meeting – 2/10/10

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Topics Covered During This Meeting

  • Design changes to park – Hugh said one change is to flip flop the horse area and parking. Baseball field will have fencing and be shared. Sharing will depend on time of the year. Horse area and parking will be wider going into Witts (city property). No new name for park, will keep same name. Park commission ok’d changes
  • Bruce Irwin, grant specialist, is working on funding from the Prop. 84 grant. Bruce has written various grants and has a success rate of 46 out of 50. The dead line for filing this grant is March 1st. He needs and aerial shot, says the master plan is ok and he;ll probably need a modified plan once we receive funding. Bruce went over some ways to better our chances for a grant. He;ll go after the restrooms for the soccer fields. Restrooms have to be opened 365 days with hours posted. Part of the grant wringing had to include components of the park; utilities, landscaping, signs, roads, trails, parking, playing fields, ext. We have to also have to revenue generating opportunities. Suggestions were entrance fees, concession stands, leasing facility, renting storage buildings for equipment, renting equipment – nets, etc., advertising signs. With public input, we will prepare a vision for the park.
  • A person in audience asked about improving dog park. The dog park is not a part of the park and will stay what it is for the time being. Another person asked about widening our trials. Maybe this could be made a part of the grant. She recommended checking with the Lake County trials project. Kym Clymier is working on another project trail around the lake. Dennis will contact Kym.
  • Maintenance report by Doug – They just need to stay on top of erosion control in Phase II. They pulled the fence in the dog park due to high waters. They’ll put back once it dries out a little.
  • Fundraiser Organization- Beth will have separate committee for this and will have to have meeting on a different day. Dennis said Sharon Salvador will help. Cindy Ustrud-Rolling volunteered Beth would like to do a fundraiser end of summer, early fall in the park. Wilda suggested maybe a Sunday – summer in the park – get families out there, possibly concert, horse drawn tours.
  • Stewardship Council Grant – received $200,000. Are in process of putting together a budget. A special thanks to Wilda Shock for recognition on the Stewardship Council’s Website.
  • New Business – Waiting for Mr.Ruzicka to get stakes in. Bob Peters said he can’t give fees for ground moving until the stakes are in. Topsoil will be donated by new casino on Highway 20/ We received letter from the state that out non-profit status has been suspended. Need to check with Mr. Carpenter to see what tax forms haven’t been filed. A different day was suggested for meeting. Charlie made a motion, seconded by Rick. Monday will be the new meeting day.

Next meeting will be March 1, 2010

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