Community Picnic

Join us for the unveiling of the plaque recognizing park founder, Charlie Jolin, followed by a FREE Community Picnic hosted by the Lakeport Lions Club to dedicate the Lakeport Lions Legacy Playground. Free food, drink, bounce houses and prizes for the kids.

Saturday, June 11, 2022  10:00A.M. until 2:00 P.M.

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Horse Park

UPDATE: The grant application for $3 million to fund the development of the Westside Community Horse Park through Proposition 68 was submitted yesterday.  It will be at lease April before we receive a response.  The Committee thanks all of you who participated in the design of the Park.  A HUGE thank you to Carol Maxwell who spearheaded the community outreach and the application process and performed the lion’s share of the work.  There would be no application if it were not for Carol!

AS OF MAY 1:  April has come and gone with no work.  Carol contacted the agency.  They do not have a new date for the announcement of the grant awards.  Maybe as late as November.



A group of community members met on January 15, 1997 under the direction of Charlie Jolin to discuss the development of an active recreation park in the City of Lakeport. The Westside Community Park Committee was incorporated and received its nonprofit status on November 1, 1999. The Park is 60 acres of land set aside by the City of Lakeport. The Committee leases portions of the land for development. As phases are completed the City dedicates them as parkland and assumes the administration and maintenance.

The Westside Community Park (WCP) was incorporated with the California Secretary of State in October 1999 and received Internal Revenue Service Classification as a 501 (c) (3) in November 1999.  WCP has been successfully operating for 22 years.  WCP sometimes uses the name Westside Community Park Committee to differentiate the nonprofit organization from the physical park site.

WCP operates in close association with the City of Lakeport and leases the parkland from the City.  The agreement with City is that WCP will develop, operate and maintain designated areas of the park until such time as that section is complete.  At completion the City accepts that area into its park system and provides maintenance and operations.

The proposed, Westside Horse Park, will be leased under a separate agreement with the City of Lakeport Municipal Sewer (CLMSD) where WCP will develop, maintain and operate it for 30 years.

The first completed section of the Westside Community Park, known as the Rotary Fields I & II, were turned over to the City many years ago.  Approximately ten years ago the Ron Raetz Dog Park was completed and turned over to the City.  WCP has agreed to assist by mowing the dog park.  For the past several years construction on Phase 2 has been progressing.  All facilities and features are located at the main Westside Community Park site at 1401 Charlie Jolin Way (formerly Westside Park Road), Lakeport, CA 95453.  The site had been abandon as sewer department sediment pools pre 1980.

ROTARY FIELDS I & II:  This area is two plus acres of natural turf sports fields used primarily for youth and adult soccer.  Also included are one-half acre of paved parking, a picnic area with two tables, the beginning of the Forbes Creek Trail with two exercise stations and a permanently installed porta-potty.

The Rotary Club purchased the irrigation supplies and the monument sign that identifies the fields.  Fundraising purchased the trees and developed the picnic area.  Sutter Lakeside Hospital purchased the exercise equipment which was installed by the Kiwanis Club of Lakeport.  All of the fundraising, construction management and volunteers were lead and supervised by WCP.  There were so many donations of time, materials, equipment and labor in those early days that we do not have a total project cost.

WCP maintained this area for about two years before the City accepted it into the park system.  Maintenance at the time consisted only of mowing, fertilizing, monitoring the irrigation system and handling trash.  This was all carried out by volunteers for WCP.

RON RAETZ DOG PARK: The dog park is approximately three-fourths of an acre and includes two fenced areas; one for large dogs and one for small dogs, shade trees and a water source.  Only minimal grading was required.  That was completed by a volunteer in less than a day. Fencing was about $5,000.  The City of Lakeport’s Utilities Department made the connection to the municipal water line and installed the lateral and hose bid.  The trees were planted by volunteers for Arbor Day.  The dog park is not irrigated.

The City assumed responsibility for the dog park in 2008.  The dog park requires minimal maintenance.  As stated previously WCP’s caretaker mows.  The City handles trash, water, dog waste bags and user issues that arise.

PHASE 2:  A housing development adjacent to the park begun in 2007.  The site plan and construction drawings for Phase 2 were prepared by the housing project developer’s engineers in May 2008 in lieu of the payment of park mitigation fees.  Construction on Phase 2 began in spring of 2009.  Prior to the beginning of actual construction, WCP had continued to accept dirt to fill the two former sewer ponds that would comprise Phase 2.  The National Guard continued to train at the site and filled the ponds prior to 2009.

Phase 2 is composed of several features; the Jane Barnes Field (4 ½ acres of sports turf grass with a baseball and a softball diamond), Early Lake Lions Horseshoe Pits, Lakeport Rotary Bicycle Pump Track, the continuation of the Forbes Creek Trail and one more exercise station.  Currently under construction, with completed installation scheduled in November, is the Lakeport Lions Legacy Playground.  Fundraising is underway for the construction of the Marla Ruzicka Futsal Pitch.  As is indicated by the various named features several organization played major roles in the development of Phase 2.

The Keeling-Barnes Family Foundation donated $115,250 which was used to install the storm drainage and complete the rough grading.

WCP received a grant in the amount of $200,000 from the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council in July 2010.  Through donations and discounts on material and equipment as well as volunteer labor, WCP was able to complete $300,000 worth of work with the grant money.  That development of the Jane Barnes Field included installation of an irrigation system, potable water system with two drinking fountains, planting of grass, construction of the baseball and softball backstops and fencing and the construction of four dugouts.  The Jane Barnes Field was dedicated and opened in July 2013.  This project was managed entirely by WCP.

At the board meeting of the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council, when the grant was awarded, the executive director noted that one reason the Westside Community Park was receiving this grant was in recognition of all that had been accomplished in the park up to that time with such limited resources.  The WCP has a history of community support which has allowed it to leverage the maximum benefit for every dollar received.

WCP added a 12×16 equipment shed in 2015. Materials were purchased through fund raising.  Labor was provided by the Kiwanis Club of Lakeport and WCP board members.

In partnership with the Westshore Little League and the Konocti Youth Soccer League (Two of the primary users of the field.) a 12×16 concession stand with water and electricity was constructed in 2018.

An ADA compliant port-a-potty was installed in 2020 by WCP using donated funds.

In 2021, the Westshore Little League constructed two batting cages.

WCP received a $65,000 donation from an estate in 2019.  That donation and some fund raised money funded the addition of 600 linear feet for curb, gutter and sidewalk in the parking lot.  The parking lot is currently composed of asphalt grinding donated by Granite Construction.  Efforts continue to locate funding to pave the parking lot and complete the curb, gutter and sidewalk.

In 2014 the Early Lake Lions Horseshoe Pits were added to the park.  The ten pits with tables were completely funded and constructed by the Lions Club.

The Rotary Club of Lakeport Bicycle Pump Track was funded with a $6,000 donation from the club and $1,000 raised by WCP.  WCP oversaw the design and managed the construction of the track.  It opened in May 2017.

Currently under development is the Lakeport Lions Legacy Playground.  The Lions Club started this project with a donation of $120,000.  WCP has raised $25,000 and added $5,000 from a CD investment.  At this point it appears that the project will come in within that budget of $150,000.  Final grading of the site, water line extensions, concrete perimeter for the structure and drinking fountain drain system have been completed.  The play structure, drinking fountain and park bench are scheduled to be installed by mid-November.  The total area is one-half acre. Work on landscaping and the irrigation system will commence in the spring.  The design and construction of this addition to the park is managed by WCP.

The Marla Ruzicka Futsal Pitch will cover a half-acre section adjoining the playground.  Site grading has been complete.  Fundraising is underway.  The goal is to have funds available to start work during the next construction season.

All of the park features listed in Phase 2 have been develop by WCP.  WCP maintains and operates Phase 2.

An additional 45 acres of adjacent undeveloped land has been dedicated for future development as an extension of the Westside Community Park.  Currently WCP leases a five acre portion of that 45 acres from the City of Lakeport.  Located on that five acre parcel is a two bedroom home and several outbuildings.  WCP provides that home in exchange for caretaker services.  The caretaker is responsible for maintenance of Phase 2.

WESTSIDE COMMUNITY HORSE PARK: Prior to beginning the community meetings and the application process for the Proposition 68 Regional Park Program, WCP completed construction on a paved access to the future site of the Horse Park from State Highway 175. All of the labor and equipment were donated.  A substantial discount was received on the asphalt. WCP contracted for the design work, obtained an encroachment permit from Caltrans, purchased all of the materials and oversaw the entire project.  After all of the donations and discounts, the actual cost was $15,000.  WCP fundraised that amount.