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Master Plan

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  1. Nancy says:

    Where is the horse arena? Is it still part of this plan? Is this plan complete? I am new to the area.

    • speciald says:

      After the grant proposal was not funded, Carol Maxwell contacted the funding agency. The response was that while we had an excellent application our project did propose to serve a wide enough segment of the community. Also there were only enough funds available to fund 10% of the applicates. We have provided a written proposal to the City staff to develop an arena, portable toilet and a manure storage area. Our proposal would involve a minimal amount a grading. It would provide parking on undisturbed soil. Carol Maxwell, Carol Thorn, Jaxan Christensen and I met at the site with Rick Thorn to determine the best location with the least amount of grading. The City then asked for a site plan. The three women have added the location to a site map and are turning it over to the City for review.

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