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Horse Park

UPDATE AS OF May 21, 2020

Mike Lucchetti, Lucchetti Excavating, began initial work on the encroachment to the Horse Park off of Highway 175 last fall.  Work was halted with the beginning of the rainy season.  Recently a meeting was held at the site with Mike Lucchetti, a representative of Caltrans and Committee Chairperson, Dennis Rollins.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the progress on construction and plan for the completion of this project.  Lucchetti indicated that he would be ready to proceed within the next month.

Mike Lucchetti is donating his equipment and time to the project.  He provided Rollins with a list of materials needed.  Rollins is working to secure those now.  As always he is searching of deals for the Park.

Rick Thorn, Clear Lake Redi-Mix, has offered to donate the trucking to bring road base from Granite Construction’s quarry a few miles up the road on Highway 175.  Rick is a long time supporter of the Westside Community Park development.

Trucking is still need to deliver asphalt (also from Granite’s quarry).  If you know of someone willing to help transport 60 tons of asphalt, please let us know.

The Committee continues to seek funding for site planning, engineering and environmental studies.


An area was established on the original master plan for the Westside Community Park for an equestrian center.  It is approximately 4 acres in the southwest corner of the park.  The Committee met with Lakeport City staff during the summer of 2014 to discuss the issues involved in beginning development of that facility.  Following those meetings, the Committee request the project be placed on the City Council agenda.  The Council vote to give the Committee the authority to begin preliminary planning.

This planning will include a needs assessment, financial viability and preliminary design.


Conceptual drawing of Equestrian Center by Virginia Vovchuk.




Read the article on the Council’s action in the Lake County News  here.


You can read the script of the Power Point presentation to the Lakeport City Council here.

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