Memo In Lieu of May, 2011 Meeting

GRADING:  Charlie, Larry Wise, Bob Peters, Cliff Ruzicka and I meet on site and developed a plan to complete the grading on the North end of Phase 2.  The current plan calls for 30 more feet of playing fields.  Two issues arose.  First is the impact on the big oak tree from the grading.  Second, there is not enough dirt available.  Cliff has a plan for oak tree mitigation to solve the first problem.  As to the need for more dirt, three things are recommended so that the amount needed is reduced.  One is to shift the baseball field to the South 30 feet making the two baseball fields closer together.  Two is to reduce the length of Phase 2 by ten feet (add 20 more feet instead of 30).  Three is to shorten the area to be widened to 60 feet instead of the entire 400 ft.  width at that end of the field.  This will provide enough space for dugouts and seating along the first baseline of the baseball field.  Finally, we decided we could probably obtain more dirt from the proposed road on the West side of the field.  We are also proposing some changes to the structure of that road as well.  Cliff has worked up data to support the structural change. 

I met today with Scott Harter, City Engineer, to request approval of all of this.  Scott was very receptive.  He agreed with the proposal to protect the oak tree and to reduce the finished size of the field.  He would like to see the 20 ft. of new area extended the entire 400 ft. if dirt becomes available.  I agree with that.

In relation to the design change for the road, he agreed that the current design would be over built.  He also agreed with the concept presented for redesign.  He will review Cliff’s data and inform me of his decision early next week.  Approval will result in a substantial cost savings when that road is constructed.

This was a very positive meeting.

ELECTRICITY:  Larry cut back the bank to make room for the power pole.  Mark Hopkins moved the pole to the site.  Mark McCrea of PG&E has for arranged for them to install our pole.  This will be done this Thursday the 28th.  I’ll get calculations from an electrician as to size of wire and conduit.  Then we will be ready to trench and run power to our irrigation controller.

TREE REPLACEMENT:  Leanne Harvey of the Clear Lake Trowel and Trellis Garden Club is arranging for the club to purchase two 15 gallon Bradford Pear trees to replace the dead ones along Westside Park Road.  The club was meeting today to make a decision.  Anyone who would like to help plant them, please contact me.

DUGOUT & BACKSTOP CONSTRUCTION:  Ruth Darling, President Elect of Rotary, was taking our request to her Board.  She was asking them to construct two dugouts.  She left for a trip to Europe so I do not know what her Board decided.  I have contacted the Kelseyville Rotary and made a presentation to the Early Lake Lion.  Scott DeLeon, President of Little League, has our backstop design and was to discuss with his coaches an appropriate backstop size for their field.  I have not heard back from him so I sent an email today.  I’m ready to get bids on backstops.

EROSION CONTROL REMOVAL:  Larry brought his tractor out last Saturday.  He and I removed the stakes holding the waddles in place.  I will arrange through Tom Engstrom, Mendo Lake Alternative Service for two strong guys to load and move the waddles.  Last year, Rod at UCC Rental donated a trailer for that purpose.  I’m sure he will again this year.

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: I have the application.  I will have it returned in time for their Board to consider our application.  The cost is $90.00.

GRILLIN’ ON THE GREEN:  Save that date of August 6th.  Help is needed from as many of you as possible on the BIG DAY.  Tickets were picked up yesterday.  They will be given out for sale soon.  Last year this event cleared more than $16,000.00

Those are the highlights of what has occurred during the month of April.  We are pressing on toward our completion date of November, 2011 to have these fields developed and the Stewardship Council’s $200,000 grant spent.

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