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Committee keeps improvements moving at Westside Community Park



“Construction and other activities were highlights of the past year at Westside Community Park, according to Dennis Rollins, chair of the WCP Committee. Receipt of a major grant, the inaugural Grillin’ on the Green, and completion of earthmoving and stockpiling donated grindings from the Highway 29 repaving project were among the major accomplishments.

The Westside Community Park Committee is the recipient of a grant from the Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council. This infrastructure grant for $200,000 over two years is funding the final grading, installation of an irrigation system, provision of electricity, planting of grass and construction of two sets of backstops and dugouts. When completed this five-acre portion of the park will contain a baseball field, a Little League field and three soccer fields.

As a donation to the park, Ruzicka Associates of Lakeport developed a grading plan and then surveyed and staked the site for the final earthwork. Funded by grant money, the final grade was completed. Following a soils analysis, amendments were purchased and added to enrich the soil. Longtime park supporter RB Peters of Lakeport donated time and equipment and, utilizing additional equipment donated by the Wooldridge Ranch, worked the amendments into the soil and landplaned the field to its final form.

Wyatt Irrigation in Ukiah created an irrigation plan and the Committee purchased the needed materials to install that system. Wyatt Irrigation donated the sprinkler heads for the system. The rains began before installation could occur. The materials are being stored and installation will be the first activity to take place in the spring.

The last activity to occur on site this season was the placing of erosion control measures for the winter. Under California law, these measures must be in place by October 15 and remain until at least April 15.

In August the Committee held its first on-site fundraising event. Grillin’ on the Green was a barbecue cook-off featuring service clubs and individuals. The People’s Choice Competition was won by the Irwin Family from Kelseyville. The goal of the Committee in hosting an event at the park was to get people out there for a fun day. Many in attendance said it was their first visit. Music by the LC Diamonds and activities for children added to the fun. With the assistance of many sponsors, especially the Keeling- Barnes Family Foundation and the Priest Family Trust, the event cleared over $16,000.

The Committee plans to make this an annual event. The second Grillin’ on the Green is scheduled for Saturday, August 6, 2011.

Granite Construction Company agreed to donate over 20,000 tons of asphalt grindings generated from the repaving of Highway 29. These grindings are being stored on site and will be processed and used as road base under roads, driveways, parking lots and trails. Others in the community came forward to assist with moving the grindings on site. RB Peters offered the use of a dozer. Larry Wise of Scotts Valley volunteered as the equipment operator of this seven-day project. Westgate Petroleum of Lakeport donated 450 gallons of diesel fuel. The value of this donated material is $350,000. This was accomplished at no cost to the Committee as a result of those making donations.

Planning for the 2011 construction season is currently under way. The Committee’s goal for next year is to have five acres of athletic fields planted and a baseball field and a Little League field completed.

Rollins recently announced that interested individuals will soon be able to track progress and obtain information about the park online. A website is under development by Bit Sculptors of Lakeport. Owner Eric Schlange has offered to create the site as a donation to the park. The address will be westsidecommunitypark.org.

The Westside Community Park is located at 1401 Westside Community Park Road, Lakeport. Westside Community Park Road is accessed from Parallel Drive between the Kathy Fowler Auto Dealerships and Mendocino College.”

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