Committee Meeting – 3/1/10

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Topics Covered During This Meeting

  • Meeting called to order 6:00 p.m. Approval of minutes of March 1 meeting: Charlie approved, Sharon second, All in favor. Treasurer’s report – $3,812.58.

Old Business:

  • Joey Marino was present to speak for the Cal Ripkin & American Legion baseball teams. They are looking to establish their own field and would help manage field. He said it would take about 3 months to complete field.
  • Mark & Dennis will go over building & backstop. Charlie asked if Joey would like to be on our committee. He said he was open to participating.
  • Doug said they are taking care of erosion control. They’re in good shape. They need to put in waddles on west side, but need it to be dry.
  • Prop. 84: Dennis said today was the submittable date. Awards announcement will be in 6 months.
  • Stewardship Council Grant Update: Dennis spoke with Tom Powers and he is still waiting for electrical figures. Ruzicka can’t stake until it dries. Will have to mow and spray but waiting for dry.
  • Fundraiser Organization: Committee is looking at sometime in August. Maybe a BBQ, wine tasting at the park. Need to get businesses involved. Cindy spoke with a soccer coach to see if they will be available to sell tickets and help out. We need to get the youth groups involved. A suggestion to contact Lake County Diamonds to see if they’ll be available to play music. Possibly buggy rides for tours of the park. Doug recommended the 4th of July with all the people in town. He’ll look into getting lights from Hertz. Hugh will contact the No Name Car to see if they want to be there. Parking may be a problem so it was suggested that we look into parking in Mendo College parking lot. Another suggestion is to sell raffle tickets for prizes.
  • Dog Park Committee will be having a meeting on Thursday, March 4th. They’ll collect ideas for fundraiser and needs for that park.
  • Dennis talked with Jim Campbell. He is checking to see if we have to file taxes, but is very busy now. This should have been filed June 30th. Dennis will file officer card and see if that’s all they need.
  • Dennis & Cindy stopped by the Casino and they are moving dirt. He’ll check on the top soil.
  • Lawnmower needs to be repaired – $281.00
  • Wine Alliance application is due on Friday, March 5th.
  • Dennis will call the Priest Foundation and see if they will match our fundraiser.
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