Committee Meeting – 4/5/10

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Topics Covered During This Meeting

  • Old Business: Doug is unable to do anything right now with the fields in the park due to the wet weather.  They have been planting trees that were purchased for a special deal, 8 were purchased and 4 are being planted in the dog park.  After it is dry, there will be lots to do.  Rich will do spraying for us.  The City will use a flail mower for the dog park before we try to mow it due to the height of the grass being too high for our mower. Pruning shears have been recalled as some trees were pruned at the park that should not have been pruned and they are not looking too good.
  • Fundraiser Information: August 7th will be our fundraiser called “Grillin on the Green” it will be held from 4:00 to 10:00 p.m.  The event will be a BBQ-Off and will have community service organizations compete against each other such as the Fire Dept., Police Dept. and professional organizations.  A chairman is needed for the grilling portion and someone will need to go out and get sponsors – about 15 to 16 total.  Also included will be wine tasting, beer sales party and a kid’s park.  Walking tours will be held, horse-drawn vehicle tours are being looked into.  The walking tours will be self-guided so people can see the park.  Also a Car Show will be on site for the evening. BBQers will be set up in the parking lot and the car show will be parked in the middle of that.  The kid’s park will be set-up and we are looking for a dunk tank.  Pre sale tickets for adults will be $25.00 per person and kid’s tickets will be $10.00 per child.  Infants will be free.  Parking for the event will possibly be in the college lot.
  • Money will be made on the ticket sales and beer booth.  It is a possibility that sponsorships will be sold.  We will have live music provided by either the Lake County Diamonds or Public Nuisance.  We will need someone to spear-head ticket sales and someone to set-up, run and take-down (probably committee members, their families & friends).  Ticket sales will be at the main entrance to the park, they will block off the main road.
  • Stewardship Council Grant Update: Dennis needs to submit a budget and he is waiting for good weather and then we can get bids from R.B. Peters & Cliff Ruzicka.
  • Franchise Tax Board: Jim Carpenter will be working on it for us and will start after April 15th. There does not appear to be a time limit.  The Secretary of State said we are also suspended; Dennis gave them our officers’ information by e-mail.
  • Proposition 84 Grant Submitted: Dennis spoke with Bruce tonight and 450 applications were filed for the grant and they have $184 million available in the first round. We are 5 months from knowing if we receive the grant. The cost estimate to complete the whole park is $21 million.
  • New Business: Construction for this year – 1. Disc in weeds 2. Ruzicka will re-stake the final grading 3. R. B. Peters comes in to finish the final grading
  • Cliff Ruzicka is working on the final grading plan.  Cole Creek Compost Co. has been in contact and has quoted us $60.00 per ton to raise the fields 1 1/2” in compost.  We can add 2” for $50,000.00 between a combination of sand and compost.  We need to make sure that the soil out there will support grass.
  • Per Dennis we can have inmates come to work – maybe to move out the old waddles.  After April 15th we can begin work.  Charlie asked Tom Kelley if we can have a Piedmont truck to move the waddles out.  We need to decide where they are going to go after they are moved.  Tom Kelley mentioned the possibility of artificial grass for some of the fields. We need to figure the cost against the use and lifespan of the artificial turf.  Dennis will be looking into it. With artificial turf, cleats cannot be used. Charlie found a stolen truck out at the park and when the owner arrived to pick it up, he ended up in jail!
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