Committee Meeting – 5/3/10

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Topics Covered During This Meeting

  • Old Business: Doug said that they are working on the park and mowing the south side. They used hand weed-eaters and used them to make a figure 8 pattern in the dog park. They are trying to figure out the watering system that runs down the sidewalk. Schellinger Bros. is still receiving a bill, and they will deduct the watering bill for the dog bowl from that.
  • Charlie says that we need to up the size of pipe to 2”.Doug wants to have a public meeting about the dog park to get everyone’s ideas.  At this point, the dog park people are not wanting to have it irrigated or have grass.  Two trees have been planted in the Dog park and they were purchased for $15.00 each.Library Park is being worked on right now and manpower is at a minimum.
  • Fundraiser Information: By next week they will be ready to contact organizations and they have someone who will design tickets and by June 1st, we will be ready to start ticket sales.  Cindy read a letter that will be going out to service organizations, and it was talked about possibly a banner for downtown Main St. announcing our event.  We still need to get a few more details on the liquor license.  Lakeport Lions sent a card and said that they would like to donate money and have a booth for the BBQ.
  • Stewardship Council Grant: We received a grading plan from Mr. Ruzicka and we hope it will be acceptable.  We have received a $22,300.00 bid from R. B. Peters to move 3,000 yards of dirt.  Don Meri has submitted a bid for 2 backstops for $17,300.00.  Mark Hopkins has drawn plans for the dugouts and the material for one backstop is $8,552.00. Tom Power’s bid for electric was $728.25.  Soil additives and fine tuning the irrigation plan and whether or not we should augment the soil, should cost $400.00 or so to have the soil analyzed.  A Contract needs signed to authorize with the Stewardship Council Grant.  The money won’t come in until we finish the steps in process.
  • Franchise Tax Board: Dennis sent money to find out why we were suspended.  The letter does not say why it was done.  Jim Carpenter had Dennis sign a Power of Atty. for the Park and Jim will fax the POA and find out what it is we need to do to become un-suspended.  Terry Hopkins may take over when Jim Carpenter gets this straightened as he does work on lots of non-profits.
  • New Business: Waddles need to be removed, inmates have been okayed to help under the APP (Alternative Punishment Program).  These people are reliable and provide their own transportation.  We need to run the mower and Mr. Labecki can mow on Wednesdays and Thursdays. (He is a retired city of Lakeport employee). Mr. Witt’s property is a mess, the city owns the property and at this time there are 3motor homes parked there. One of the motor homes is covered with plastic.  It is believed that Mr. Witt would like them gone.Doug said that organic material can’t be disced into the ground that needs to be compacted. Our project is getting started now.  Weeds can be cut and moved off to one side to save not having to disc the property, grass can’t be underneath the soil if it needs to make compaction. It was talked about running electrical conduit from the electric box back to where the skateboard park is to be located. Doug suggested keeping the electrical conduit on the road so that it does not get in the way of irrigation.
  • After the last meeting Scott DeLeon stayed behind with Doug, Dennis and Rick Gabehart. They discussed how much use control Little League can have over their own field.  They were told that they have control over the scheduling.  They said that they will be happy to take care of the fields when they are using them.
  • Dennis met with Mr. Bibler and Pam Scully regarding their fundraiser for the skate park. Doug let them know that there are many steps to making a skatepark work and also talked to them about access to the skatepark.  The skatepark people are using the City of Lakeport as sanctioning their event and they are not non-profit.  Whatever they decide to build has to be engineered.  Our goal for the skateboard park was to provide them an area and they will supply the rest. They also will be required to have their own insurance coverage.

Our next meeting will be June 7th at 6:00 p.m.

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