Committee Meeting – 6/7/10

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Topics Covered During This Meeting

  • Old Business:  Maintenance, Phase II and dog park mowed today.  Charlie thinks Phase III, IV & V need to be looked at as a possible fire hazard if  they are disced.  Maybe they should disc around it. Doug said they are not mowing Phase I as short to keep the moisture in the grass.  They are not killing the clover.  The Dog Park has it’s own water meter now.  They are in maintenance mode at this time.  Dennis asked about fire breaks in between high weeds.  Doug said we only need to do the weeds in the center.  Doug is having surgery and we are to contact Tina in his absence. We will be receiving grindings from Granite and Doug told us that these grindings will have to be processed as a base before we can use them.
  • Fundraiser Information: Flyers and letters were mailed out to about 50 non-profit and business organizations, this includes law-enforcement.  So far 6 responses have been received. Tickets are being printed at this time and all committee members are to sell them.  They will be $25.00 per person for adults, $10.00 for kids and 2 and under will be free.  Someone may be able to give rides around Phase III and IV. There will be a self-guided walking tour.  Packets will also be available for people who wish to make a sponsorship. Publicity still needs to be taken care of.
  • Music will possibly be provided by the Lake Co. Diamonds whom we haven’t heard from yet, Public Nuisance has offered to play for free and David Neft has offered to play for a small fee. Dennis contacted Steve Brookes for the Priest Family Trust regarding matching funds on money that will be raised at the fundraiser.  They will match up to $5,000.00.
  • Stewardship Council:  In about two more weeks we should have the contract for the money.  Charlie made the motion, Wanda second, all in favor.
  • Construction Project for 2010: Charlie and Dennis went out to try to get the old gas truck moving, it had a flat tire, a dead battery and someone siphoned gas from the tank.  Can they get Peters out to pump up the tire? The rest was taken care of.  Peters disced the field and it will need re-disced. Ruzicka will be putting in grade stakes and we need to put in an irrigation system.  Piedmont can supply us with irrigation supplies at this time.  Checking with Friedman Bros.,  and one other business in Ukiah.  Mr. Wise has laid out an irrigation plan and will use the city’s trencher.  Scott said they had great success working with Rainbow Ag. for their irrigation system. Maybe the little league people can get involved to help with the irrigation system and maybe help us get a good price from Rainbow Ag.
  • The soil was analyzed and all the information has been sent to Ruzicka, after Peters has disced they can go out there.
  • The big green tank is in the way and they want to give it to Peters to cut up and use for salvage.  We need to get rid of the tank and we can’t use it  because no wells on the property have enough water flow.  Charlie made a motion to give the tank to Peters, Scott second, all in favor.
  • We have received a bid from Mr. Peters for $22,300.00 to level the playing field, approximately 3,000 yards.  Doug wants to have permission to sign a contract with Mr. Peters.  Wanda made a motion, Charlie second, all in favor.
  • The soil is way better than we thought that it would be.  A soil analysis has been given to a turf grass specialist with the Ag. Extension in Ukiah.
  • Inmate Labor, they need training and are having trouble scheduling it.  APP program still may have people available and we may need to use them if the inmate training is not done.
  • Charlie and Dennis met with Claude Brown with Westgate Petroleum and they will fuel up for us.  Upper Lake Casino is waiting for money through Indian Affairs and they are willing to help us.
  • Franchise Tax Board: Our non-profit status has been restored.  We now can sign a contract with the Stewardship Council Grant.  Penalties are associated with the federal returns, near $7,000.00 in penalties possibly are due.  James Carpenter wrote a letter that the lack of filing was his fault and our non-profit group could not afford it.  Ronnie Deutsch may be able to help us.  Jeff Havrilla will have the information turned over to him.
  • There was not enough of a crowd tonight to schedule a workday.  Maybe the inmates can help.  Joey Moreno says he can get about 25 people to help with workdays.
  • New Business:  Skate park people. Bill Bibler and Pam Scully want to have another fund raising event.  The City told Bill he should get under the umbrella of the Park and follow procedures.  At this time the skate park is sort of under our umbrella and there will be a City Council meeting tomorrow night.  They want a 2 day event around July 2nd or 3rd.  If they go through us they will not need to apply for non-profit status.
  • Ron Bertsch feels we need to encourage the City to work with Mr. Bibler. Dennis wants to encourage Mr. Bibler to come to our meetings.  At this time Jeff is our only signer on our checking account.  Dennis suggested we add Hugh and Dennis on as account signers.  Scott made a motion, Charlie second, all in favor.
  • The City Attorney will write a letter to the people residing on city property at Mr. Witt’s and ask them to move out. Dan Buffalo told Dennis he is still looking forward to have purple water for the park.
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